Angela Naeth

This month, we had a virtual sit-down with Pro-Triathlete and Endurance Coach Angela Naeth about her year-long experience with LightSpeed Lift. We asked her questions about body weight support, training, and the big impact less impact has. As much as we like telling you a story, this time Angela does it better. Read below for her thoughts.

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Thank you, Angela, for taking the time tell us more about you!

Ok, on to the good stuff!

  • Having a Body Weight Support Device in your home gym!  What is it like to have an elite tool at your disposal 24/7?

    Having the ability to run with less weight at any time is very helpful. There are times when I am sore from a previous day's run, and instead of opting to run outside, I sometimes jump on the treadmill and use the device to take away some body weight so I can get some real active recovery without the pounding. I also like the ability to work on form. It's similar to swimming with a pull buoy at times. The added support makes running possible always! 

    How has LightSpeed affected your training?

    It definitely has changed my thinking on how I train, and how to really use recovery days and focus on technique.  It helped me a ton going thru lyme when I could barely even walk.  To have a device that got me literally up on my feet was huge mentally and physically. I'm glad I have it. 

    Why is BWS so helpful for a fulltime athlete- particularly a triathlete? 

    We can balance days of rest/recovery.  I also use the device at times for speed sessions, so I can focus on drills and get a quick turnover on the legs. This helps someone like me who tends to find a pace and settle in races. 

    How does LightSpeed Lift feel compared to anything else on the market? 

    I have used other weight supported devices and the great thing about the LightSpeed Lift is that it feels real. It supports you in a way that you're not leaning in an awkward position or losing hip mobility, that other pieces do. 

    How often do you train on your LightSpeed?   

    It depends on what phases I am in for training, and how my body is responding. It could be 1-3 x week for some weeks, and others, not so much.  I work with my coach to see what we want to use it for - speed work, form-work, and/or active recovery. 

    What would a LightSpeed training program look like to you?  How would you suggest a pro and/or novice to train using LightSpeed Lift?   

    Recovery is just using it while I jog very easily. It takes some pressure off the body which is very nice.  Form-work, I do intervals of 4-5 minutes work on say cadence, or holding my body upright, or ensuring I get my feet under me.  For speed work, I usually do intervals of 3 minutes that are like half-mile repeats and increase the speed 15-20 seconds compared to the work I do outside. It's great for turnover. I don't try to complicate things. :) 

    Using BWS during regular training for form and injury prevention is a relatively new concept.  Should people embrace and incorporate this concept and tool?  

    Definitely! It's another tool in someone's toolbox to use. It provides options. 

    How would you justify the expense to other athletes or potential users?  

    It's an adjunct to your training. For longevity in the sport, I think it's a very valuable tool.  

    What has it been like working with LightSpeed as a company? Customer Service? Response time? Have we treated you in a manner that exceeds your expectations? Be honest. 

    100% there, anytime. 

    Awww, thanks, Angela!

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