Partial weight bearing activities like pool therapy, parallel bars, and walking with crutches have long helped patients reduce recovery time. But there are some disadvantages to these activities. Since they aren’t task-specific, they exercise different muscles than used in running, and in the case of water training, speed of movement is limited. Plus, all of them make it impossible to precisely regulate the load on injured tissue.

The Lightspeed Lift Running System is different. Adjustable straps allow trainers to take off more or less weight as needed, so they can tailor protocols to the needs of the patient and calibrate new ones as the injured tissue heals. The patient is able to exercise with normal gait mechanics and practice faster turnover even before the lower extremities are completely healed. Clinical trials have shown that body weight support systems help patients heal faster by allowing them to do task-specific work.

“I wish I could send a video of me jumping up and down and thanking Lightspeed Lift for my recovery”
Sally, knee injury rehabilitation

Top Facilities Use Body Weight Support Systems

  • National Rehab Hospitals
  • UCSF Orthopedic Institute
  • Harvard University
  • Steadman Hawkins
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • Life Care Centers of America
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