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World-class runners like marathoner Kara Goucher, American mile-time recordholder Alan Webb, and American 5k record holder Dathan Ritzenhein all use body weight support machines in their workouts. That’s because running legend Alberto Salazar has chosen to use these systems on a regular basis with his Nike Oregon Project athletes. By reducing impact force on your lower extremities, the Lightspeed Lift BWS system allows you to train at higher speeds and increase the intensity of your training while reducing stress-related injuries. This allows you to maintain a higher heart rate for longer while maintaining good form. In competitions, this translates to a competitive edge.

“I have never done so much quality speed work without injury.”
Katie McGee, marathon runner

What about raw speed? NFL athletes like Isaac Bruce (St. Louis Rams), Blake Brockermeyer (Denver Broncos), and Cedric Woodard (Seattle Seahawks) have all praised overspeed training as a great way to increase both speed and agility. By using a body weight support system, you can train your fast-twitch muscles and nervous system to get faster turnover and higher top speeds, all without the extra stress on your body you would have if you ran at full weight. You’ll sharpen your reflexes and train your body to run faster without damage.

Overspeed training typically has athletes running 8–13% faster than their normal top speeds while maintaining good mechanics. Extending range of motion and recruiting new muscle motor units means an athlete running a 5.0 second 40-yard dash could shave 0.5 seconds off their time in just six weeks of training.

Top Athletic Programs Use Body Weight Support Systems

  • US Olympic Training Centers
  • New England Patriots
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Manchester United
  • AC Milan
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