LightSpeed Lift named BEST treadmill tool!

Shopping for new equipment can be an arduous task. You want the best tool for your needs and desires. With so many options on the market today, how do you know what to trust? When it comes to finding a new treadmill system for your home-gym, professional fitness center, or health clinic, GQ Magazine has compiled a list of the top-performing machines on the market. Included in this list, a must-have treadmill add-on called LightSpeed Lift.

Anti-Gravity systems work.

There is a long and rich history of rehabilitative success by unloading a patient. From spinal injuries to minor soft tissue tears, scientific proof of off-loading is well known. Despite the success of anti-gravity or body weight support systems, the cost of bringing the benefits of unloading into private practices or home gyms was well beyond reach.

LightSpeed Lift inventor and physical therapist Malcolm Macaulay knew there was a better way to make anti-gravity systems accessible. By removing many of the extravagant gadgetry on his design, building costs plummeted. Malcolm also worked to change the site attachment for the lift. By focusing on the axis of rotation, the hip, users reported a significant increase in their comfort during off-loading activity. The result is an effective and efficient system that is economical. Better yet, LightSpeed Lift achieves incredible results.

Lightspeed Lift is the best tool for your training

Early adopters of LightSpeed Lift systems in 2012 were primarily physical therapists, but it did not take long to turn heads in the running community. For decades, runners knew that unloading was the key to staying fresh and conditioned for competition. LightSpeed Lift began opening possibilities for runners in their own homes. Coaches, athletes, and weekend warriors alike began to purchase LightSpeed Lift systems for their training. The results spoke for themselves.

Professional marathoner and LightSpeed Lift advocate Alexi Pappas began using a LightSpeed Lift LSP-400 in 2019 to aid her training after an injury. Alexi swiftly realized that LightSpeed training would benefit her well beyond her rehabilitation. By incorporating anti-gravity treadmill training into her routine, Alexi has maintained her goal pace, even on rest days!

By unweighting herself by 20-30 pounds, Alexi can lessen the force and pounding of full-weight running. Additionally, her muscles and circulatory system have fewer demands placed on them. These effects combine, allowing Alexi (and any LightSpeed user) a powerful tool to train intelligently.

Alexi Pappas says it best

Dealing with an injury is hard enough -- being in pain, spending time and money visiting doctors and physical therapists -- but honestly, the hardest part about being injured for pro and amateur athletes alike is missing out on the physical outlet of ​just running​. That's why we fell in love with the sport: the way we feel when we run. The burn of exertion. The elation when you push yourself. So it can be tempting to lace up the running shoes too soon when coming back from injury, especially if the injury was long.

Runners aren't meant to cross-train forever; we're meant to run! That's why for me, using the LightSpeed Lift was such a helpful and important tool in my recovery from injury and return to fitness. The LightSpeed enabled me to incorporate running back into my training far sooner than I would have otherwise been able to do. Also, since it is so easy for me to strap in and use, I've been able to continue using the LightSpeed for recovery days, which has helped my long-term durability. This has been the greatest surprise-- using the LSL while completely healthy as a tool for injury prevention and recovery. It is truly a special device that is helping me take my training to the next level as I prepare for the next Olympics!!

Alexi Pappas

Results are getting noticed

When GQ Magazine sat down with Alexi Pappas in early 2021, they asked her thoughts on using LightSpeed Lift; her response was enough to have GQ magazine name LightSpeed Lift as the BEST treadmill tool for recovery. LightSpeed Lift gives hope and offers opportunities for anyone's training. Whether your rehabilitating an old, persistent injury, looking to extend your training service, or seeking the best treatment tool for your patients, look no further than LightSpeed Lift.

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