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How I Developed the LightSpeed Lift

Throughout my 32 years as a Physical Therapist I have searched for equipment that helps my patients move! People who have been injured and are itchy to return to the road; People with balance issues who need slight assistance maintaining their balance and regain confidence while moving. People who have joint pain when walking or […]
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LightSpeed Lift to Add New Product Line

Illustration of the Lightspeed Lift Model LS300
Malcolm Macaulay, the designer, and developer of the original LightSpeed Lift, has developed two new models for distribution to Professional Trainers, Fitness Centers, and Physical Therapy Clinics for more constant use, more stable active running, and safer use by individuals with significant balance issues such as patients with Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy.
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Low-Tech Alternative to AlterG on Market

By Michelle Hamilton Minnesota physical therapist has invented a treadmill device that reduces a runner’s body weight by 20 to 30 pounds, decreasing the impact on the body and enabling faster workouts. Lightspeed Lift is a low-tech simulation of the AlterG treadmill, used by a wide range of athletes, from Alberto Salazar’s squad  in Oregon […]
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Duluth physical therapist develops running aid

By Kevin Pates The lighter you are the faster you can run. That’s the enticing premise for a piece of equipment developed by Duluth physical therapist Malcolm Macaulay as an aid to treadmill exercise. The Lightspeed Lift Body Weight Support System lifts approximately 15 percent of a runner’s body weight off the ground, producing a […]
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Running On Air

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror—or worse, looked down at the scale—and thought “I’m heavier than I used to be”? I have. I’ve put on about twenty pounds since my last marathon, and I can definitely feel it in my bones when I go out for a jog. That pounding, jolting feeling when I start to run makes it hard to keep going. Malcolm Macaulay, the Duluth-based physical therapist who invented the device, says that’s a common complaint.
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