LightSpeed Lift model LSP400


Starting at $4,495.00

Optimal for treating and training committed athletes, the LSP-400 aids in speedy injury recovery and allows for unrivaled cardio, speed, and endurance training. This model is ideal for fitness centers, gyms with full-time trainers, and serious athletes. Treadmill not included*

Recommended For:

  • Athletic Trainers
  • Fitness Centers
  • Home Rehabilitation
  • Athletes
  • Physical Therapy Clinics

Every LightSpeed Lift System includes:

  • One (1) Frame with all hardware
  • One (1) Adult Universal Lift Belt
  • One (1) Pair of Lift Straps
  • Two (2) Pair of Magic Shorts

Extra Lift Belt, Magic Shorts, and Lift Straps and Wraps can be added for an additional cost.

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4 reviews for LSP-400

  1. Coach Russell Smelley

    The LightspeedLift coupled with the True Form treadmill, is working well. Those runners needing to work on their gait and foot plant provided a quick practical lesson that seems to transfer to the ground running. Getting a feel for the rhythm with less weight lets them focus on the movement and not the speed. For those recovering from injury, it is a boon to their efforts. They can run sooner with less stress. For those with chronic shin splints or achy knees, they run with a smile.

    From the coaching perspective, I now have tools that directly apply to the biomechanical efficiency I try to teach. Literally, just put a runner on the equipment to teach the running action and footstrike.
    ~Coach Russell Smelley

  2. Alexi Pappas

    For me, using the LightSpeed Lift was such a helpful and important tool in my recovery from injury and return to fitness. The LightSpeed enabled me to incorporate running back into my training far sooner than I would have otherwise been able to do. Also, since it is so easy for me to strap in and use, I’ve been able to continue using the LightSpeed for recovery days, which has helped my long-term durability. This has been the greatest surprise, using the LightSpeed while completely healthy as a tool for injury prevention and recovery. It is truly a special device that is helping me take my training to the next level as I prepare for the next Olympics!

  3. Jessica O’Connell

    I’m an Olympic 5000m runner who’s been using the LightSpeed Lift over the past few months while rehabbing an achilles injury. The LightSpeed was a huge asset in my return-to-run as I was able to progressively load my body while running in a safe, controlled manor. I was very pleasantly surprised by how quickly I felt comfortable running on the ground and on the track and I credit that to the work I was able to do on the LightSpeed! Since recovering from my injury, I’ve continued to use the LightSpeed for many of my secondary runs to offload my body from the constant pounding I ask it to endure, and I’m finding that my legs are feeling fresh and springy!

    Running on the LightSpeed feels very natural and my gait and arm swing is completely uninhibited, unlike running on some other anti-gravity treadmills. It’s very simple to use, is well-made, and works exceptionally well. I’m thrilled to be able to use this as a training tool!

  4. breeda willis

    Amazing product. Great for recreational to elite athletes use it everyday in my practice with injured clients and healthy too.
    Amazing training tool for long Wisconsin winters great way to get over speed training.& for tired days just to ease the stress of a run it’s fantastic. Light speed user for 7 years.
    Breeda Willis, PT & Olympian

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