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LightSpeed Lift Magic Shorts


Magic Shorts -​ These shorts are designed and tested to stand up to the toughest workouts. Breathable moisture-wicking material through the gussets provides comfort and mobility. Durable side panels with medical grade hook Velcro accept and secure the LightSpeed Lift Straps keeping the patented Tri-planer lift force centered during your hardest and fastest runs. 4” Elastic webbing on the bottom of the shorts secure the fit and keep the shorts stable while running. Designed specifically for LightSpeed yet comfortable for Yoga, HIIT, and other gym activities.

The shorts are machine washable with cold water.  Air drying is best.

Available in (Waist in inches):
1. XS – 28-30”
2. S – 31-33”
3. M – 34-36”
4. L – 36-39”
5. XL – 39-42”
6. XXL – 43-46”


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