Super Lift Belt


The Universal Super Lift Belt has all the features of the Universal Belt but has additional tension in the cords. The extra tension provides 50% greater unloading capability and also provides significantly more side – side stability. If your clients have balance problems or might require more lift due to the severity of the injury or increased body weight, the Universal Super Belt is an ideal option!

  • A full set (2 each) of small, medium, and large elastic wraps are included.
  • Designed to provide LightSpeed Lift’s patented “Tri-Planar” Lift, the Universal Lift Belt fits people of all sizes and shapes.
  • Eliminates the need for the user to change clothing as it is designed to be worn over street or exercising clothing. (full or capri pants recommended for best comfort.)
  • Can be disinfected with a non-bleach disinfectant spray.
  • The Belt is designed to last 1,000 hours or 3-5 years.


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