Coaches Win with LightSpeed Lift

When it comes to high-level athletics there is a sad truth that comes with sport: your athletes are almost certain to get injured. Even with the best coaching, training and nutrition bodies get pushed beyond their healthy limits.  Repetitive traumatic forces cause breaks or tears requiring avoidance of sport. In such a case, as a coach, you are often advised to do one main thing: rest your athlete. But what do you do about all the conditioning? The training? How long can you go on competing without real training? And how about the return to sport after rest? 

For Frankie Ruiz, Head Cross Country Coach for Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in Miami, Florida, LightSpeed Lift has been a major influence. According to Mr. Ruiz:

“Our program is always looking for ways to keep our kids in shape throughout the season.  With young runners, competing for the top, overuse injuries occur despite the best prevention and planning.  Until now we had few options for preventing injuries or returning injured athletes to competition and none of those options included running. The LightSpeed Lift allows us to keep running as part of the prevention and recovery process. When that young athlete is diagnosed by a doctor with a lower leg injury caused by overuse or growing issues, depending on the severity, we instruct that athlete to use our treadmill with the LightSpeed Lift BWS system. It's simple enough to use that the athlete can set things up using either the harness or shorts.”

“The device is also used by runners on our team who simply need a break from the fatigue caused by excessive pounding on the asphalt routes we're forced to use for many of our training runs near the school. We have been using this extremely affordable device successfully during the last two seasons. We can honestly attribute much of our consecutive state championships to the help this device has provided some of the injured and injury-prone runners along the way.”

The success of coaches of all athletes can improve by using BWS. Less load correlates with healthier, faster, athletes. When you can bring a BWS system into your program that athletes prefer at a fraction of the cost, why would you not act? Visit our website now to get started! Keep your athletes healthy and participating in the activity they love.