How does LightSpeed Lift work?

A: The LightSpeed Lift is a treadmill add-on* that works by creating a tri-planar lift at the user’s hip joint, relieving 20-40 pounds of their body weight. This simple, yet revolutionary design provides athletes and patients with universal support and maximum range of motion.

*Treadmill not included with the purchase of a LightSpeed Lift

What is the LightSpeed Lift used for?

A: The LightSpeed Lift is used for treating and training athletes and physical therapy patients. The device is great for the following uses:

  • Advancing everyday movement
  • Achieving a fluid, natural gait
  • Injury rehab & prevention
  • Balance improvements
  • Cardio, speed & endurance training
How affordable is the LightSpeed Lift?

A: LightSpeed Lift is affordable for both physical therapy clinics and individual users.

Each model comes with a universal frame, a LightSpeed Lift Belt, and two pairs of Magic Shorts. Add-ons and shipping are additional. Onsite setup and training are available.

  • LS-300 — starts at $3,445
  • LSP-400— starts at $4,495
  • LSX-500 — starts at $5,495

Visit LightSpeedLift.com.au for pricing and purchase information »

Can I test a LightSpeed Lift before I buy one?

A: Yes, there are two ways to test a LightSpeed Lift before buying one.

  1. Order one and take it for a test run. To ensure total customer satisfaction, we offer a 30-day free trial with a refundable deposit of $500. To guarantee refund, the device must be returned within 30 days.
  2. Many fitness centers and physical therapy clinics are already using LightSpeed Lift’s patented lift from the hip technology. Find the facility nearest to you to test one out today!
What is a body weight support system?

A: A body weight support system is any device designed to relieve weight from a person’s body.

Is the LightSpeed Lift easy to assemble?

A: The LightSpeed Lift is very easy to assemble. All you have to do is bolt together the handcrafted steel frame and place it around your treadmill. The elastic cords that create the tri-planar support clip easily to the frame. Once set up, you’re ready to begin any movement program.

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Health & Business Benefits of LightSpeed Lift

Benefits for clients and patients • Grow your clinic services or gym offering • Understand the LightSpeed Lift ROI


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