Game-Changing, Stress-Relieving

By Ben Tilus:

XLR8 Performance Lab
 has used the LightSpeed Lift since starting business in mid-2020.

There is simply no way to improve my athlete's aerobic abilities while putting on muscle if we did not access the LightSpeed Lift.

Many of our runners have previously used Alter-G treadmills at considerable personal expense. Everyone has pointed out how much more comfortable it is to use the LightSpeed Lift than in their experience with the Alter-G.

"To say LightSpeed Lift has worked would be a MASSIVE understatement."

LightSpeed Lift has provided us the opportunity to allow many young athletes to improve, stay healthy, be safe on the treadmill, and be happy in their training in ways that no other piece of equipment has provided for us.

Our high school club team has quickly become one of the top teams in the US, thanks mainly to regularly using LightSpeed Lift. Our average runner that has joined our club this winter has increased their weight between three to five pounds in muscle. It is necessary to offset some weight-bearing not to overload the bone and tendons while adapting.

Additionally, we have several athletes who have dealt with injuries that usually would have shut them down for weeks or months. Instead, we unloaded significant percentages of their body weight to allow them to continue to train. And they have not just stayed healthy, they have CRUSHED their former personal best times, with one producing a 29 second personal best in the 1500 meters! Instead of taking a month off and having a mediocre season, she is instead thriving and receiving scholarship offers thanks to the ability to use this device.

"Lastly, the safety provided by the Lift is invaluable."

Max VO2 testing requires the athlete to run until exhaustion, a dangerous position to be in when on a fast-moving treadmill. The overhead safety harness goes virtually unnoticed unless an athlete slips. Just the other day, we had one of the top female distance runners in the US on the treadmill, and she slipped near the end of her test. Instead of a fall that certainly would have caused massive injuries, she swung above the treadmill for a few seconds until it came to a halt. This “safety net” has eliminated all the stress I previously had when testing runners in our facility.

I cannot state enough how much the LightSpeed Lift means to our facility and our athletes. It truly is a game-changer.

Ben Tilus
Founder/Head Performance Coach
XLR8 Performance Lab
1711 SW Plaza Parkway, Ankeny, IA 50023