Hoka Northern Arizona Elite Chooses LightSpeed Lift

Ben Rosario knows running.

Training athletes at the highest level to reach even higher is a tough highwire act indeed.  Peaking marathoners to arrive at the starting line and finish line strong, healthy, fit, and excited may be the ultimate chasm for coaches to cross.  Ben Rosario, coach of the Hoka One Northern Arizona Elite, knows this all too well.  

LightSpeed CEO, Malcolm Macaulay (left) with Hoka NAZ Elite coach, Ben Rosario (right) at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, Atlanta GA, 2020.
LightSpeed CEO, Malcolm Macaulay (left) with Hoka NAZ Elite coach, Ben Rosario (right) at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, Atlanta GA, 2020.

Marathoners face a particular conundrum because there is a need to pack many, many training miles to prepare for the ultimate athletic challenge of finishing 26.2 miles while running at near-sprint speed.  Remember the original Greek soldier died at the finish line.  All those training miles can, quite literally, break the body- increasing the risk of injuries such as stress fracture, tendonitis, sprains, immune diseases.  Training aids such as biking, Elliptical trainers, and water jogging, don’t simulate running enough for maximal benefit.  Body weight support systems (BWS) have long been thought to be expensive, uncomfortable, and didn’t allow normal running form.  Coaches and athletes alike demand better. 

Ben is known as an innovative, athlete-centered coach who wanted to give his athletes the best.  He heard from Tommy Nohilly, a fellow HOKA elite coach, that the LightSpeed Lift BWS system got high reviews from several of Tommy’s athletes.  LightSpeed took off enough stress, 15%, to allow athletes to run longer and faster with fewer injuries.  Additionally running on LightSpeed was actually enjoyed by the athletes because of the comfort and safety provided.  Ben was motivated to have this tool for his athletes.  However, by the time he found out about LightSpeed, the Olympic trials were only weeks away and he wasn’t going to introduce anything new.

Working beyond injury, @naz_elite and @kellyn_taylor turned to #lightspeedlift. Train at LightSpeed-warp YOUR training to the next level.


This time, it was okay that he didn’t.  NAZ elite women took 1st, 7th, and 8th at the Olympic trials in Atlanta.  The best showing for any coach.  After the Trials, Ben discovered another LightSpeed gift; recovery and regeneration.  After a marathon race, every athlete's body is broken to some degree and one of his athletes had a stress reaction.  She was able to return to running much faster and with greater safety, because she could run with the LightSpeed Lift and 15-20% less stress.  Ben's athletes recovered quickly and confidently because LightSpeed, set up around one of the team members' home treadmill, was accessible even during Covid-19.  Now team members are using LightSpeed to add miles and speed with fewer breakdowns.

"Alice Wright is one of our HOKA NAZ Elite athletes. She's coming off a foot issue that's had her sidelined for quite a while. She'll be using the Lightspeed Lift to slowly get back into running and likely for a while after that for doubles, etc." ~Ben Rosario, Head Coach HOKA NAZ Elite, November 2020

"LightSpeed lift is proving invaluable for my return to running. It’s helping me achieve my natural stride whilst taking the weight off my legs, without having me compensate for bulky equipment." ~Alice Wright, November 2020

Ben went from being frustrated with other BWS systems to confident about using the system to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.  He is also excited about the possibilities to improve speed and efficiency.   He has found LightSpeed to be highly effective, comfortable to use, empowering for the athletes, and totally reliable.  Reviews from his team tout LightSpeed Lift as the best system on the market and an easy decision for any training program.  

Easy to use, cost-effective, and built to stand up to the toughest of workouts. A coach’s dream!

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