I Moved With Fear.

By Julie Bergfeld

Over the past 4 years,

I have struggled through many injuries. After a solid spring of racing 4 years ago, I was in peak shape and then things started to deteriorate after a succession of falls. One fall was down a hill and I caught myself to fall backward onto the right hip and the next fall was forward, catching myself with my right wrist and subsequently breaking a bone in my hand. Next, it was the fibula on the left and the following year, the right hip. Resting for about 3 months seemed to fix the hip, but after that incident, which never was fully diagnosed as to what the problem was, I moved with fear.

Walking and running caused no pain, but I moved from a place of doubt, holding, and fear. Doubt that I could do the sport that I had loved for more than half my life, holding onto the pain of the past and fear that I would get injured again. I continued to run, but with the constant fear of falling; fear of injury stuck in my body. As a result, my speed decreased and I stopped racing.

I recognized there was an issue that was beyond pain

I recognized there was an issue that was beyond pain when I noticed (at first) running downhills caused a sensation of falling. Soon, that sensation became what I felt when I ran all the time. My body was unstable and my gait was uncoordinated and unbalanced as if I were a car with one flat tire. At first, I turned to the pool. I have been pool running since high school, with success in staying sane through a litany of injuries. While in the case of stress fractures and soft tissue injuries, pool running was highly effective, I found with this problem pool running didn’t “fix” anything. The imbalanced sensation resumed after a short time back on the ground. I tried massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, lots of yoga, red light therapy, somatics, Feldenkrais, pilates, nutritional changes, Chinese herbs, meditation, PRI, and even contemplated BUYING a more expensive anti-gravity treadmill. Once I learned of the cost, I decided that was not an answer.

I sought alternatives and found Lightspeed.

That was three years ago after one of my falls. Of course, I thought I was recovered, but it became clear that something was still very wrong over the course of these past years, and my body was slowly getting more and more imbalanced. I did many bouts of physical therapy and have been rigorous with consistent core and hip strengthening, all to no avail. I wasn’t giving up running and still had dreams of getting back to marathons and ultras, although I had no faith in getting “fixed.”

In the summer of 2019,

Over a period of a few months, I had fallen 3 times. The last time I fell was in early August 2019, and when in early September my knee felt worse, I decided to get it checked. I learned that I had fractured my distal right femur. By December, I was back to running again, but mostly on a treadmill because of the intense fear and flashbacks of falling every time I started to run. Through stubbornness, I kept running, even though I knew something was not right. I supplemented my short runs with lots of walking, pool running, and intense elliptical sessions. Then, I fell off the treadmill, and I resolved that I could not overcome this on my own. In May of 2020, once again, I reached out to LightSpeed and was grateful to learn that the company still existed and was supportive and receptive to my issues. With the help of Malcolm and Bud, I arranged for a 30-day trial of the LightSpeed Lift LSP 400.

I had my system within less than a week, set it up in about an hour, and was running on it that night - pain-free!!!

LightSpeed has gotten me back to where I feel I should be.

I’ve been running on it consistently now for more than a month, slowly building time and speed. With the use of the Lift, I am once again able to reach a base pace that I hadn’t been able to touch for years. No longer do I feel I am tripping over my own left foot. This has carried over into the long walks on the ground I do outside daily as well, and my yoga practice. I finally can move without holding and forcing. I know it will be a slow process to unwind, as it has taken several years to get to where I am now, but I am hopeful that with the Lift, I will be able to train my body to once again return to on-ground running, trails and a return to racing. For now, I will continue to use the device to get back to comfortable paces and to continue to allow the system to support me, giving me the confidence I need. As I age, I think this will be incredibly useful to remain active and positive in my quest for “always better.”

Empower yourself, Move at LightSpeed.

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