I Moved With Fear.

I had my system within less than a week, set it up in about an hour, and was running on it that night - pain-free!!!

LightSpeed has gotten me back to where I feel I should be.

I’ve been running on it consistently now for more than a month, slowly building time and speed. With the use of the Lift, I am once again able to reach a base pace that I hadn’t been able to touch for years. No longer do I feel I am tripping over my own left foot. This has carried over into the long walks on the ground I do outside daily as well, and my yoga practice. I finally can move without holding and forcing. I know it will be a slow process to unwind, as it has taken several years to get to where I am now, but I am hopeful that with the Lift, I will be able to train my body to once again return to on-ground running, trails and a return to racing. For now, I will continue to use the device to get back to comfortable paces and to continue to allow the system to support me, giving me the confidence I need. As I age, I think this will be incredibly useful to remain active and positive in my quest for “always better.”

Empower yourself, Move at LightSpeed.

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