See how the LightSpeed Support System has enhanced athletes’ performance, aided rehabilitation efforts and improved training.

Anne Mayall: Active Again After A Car Crash

Anne Mayall could barely walk after being hit by a drunk driver. Recovery at a hospital-based rehab center was a slow process and didn’t help her get over her fear of falling. That’s when she had a new idea.

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Mimi Stender: Breaking Her PR After an ACL Surgery

Mimi Stender needed ACL reconstruction surgery after a downhill skiing accident, but she wanted to get back to recreational running. Could she start running again and even set a PR?

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Robert Boydston: Bringing Space Age Technology to His Home Gym

At 46 years old, Robert Boydston wanted to be a competitive age grouper in the marathon. Bodyweight support training machines were hard to find in his hometown. That’s when he thought, “maybe I can get one for my home gym”. The problem was finding something affordable…

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Sion Harrington: Getting Even Better With LightSpeed

Sion Harrington was already a star high school athlete with a bright future. He was fast, but when you’re competing for a scholarship to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, every bit of quickness matters. How could he get even faster?

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Tiffany Kari: A PR Under Bad Conditions

Tiffany Kari was training for the Boston Marathon and needed a little burst of extra speed to set a PR. But getting to the starting line healthy—without too much pounding on the legs—would require a delicate balancing act.

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Zach Hulce: Recovering with LightSpeed and Passing it On

Zach Hulce lived and breathed football well before playing for the UMD Bulldogs. He always played through the pain, whether it was a torn ACL, shin splints, or several other issues. But to make it to a Division One team would require him to heal up without slowing down.

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