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LoHi Physical Therapy: LightSpeed Rehab

Helps you walk or run without pain!

~LoHi Physical Therapy

LightSpeed is a suspended system over a treadmill that supports and lifts your body. It provides a way to return to walking, running, and training while you recover. You’ll be able to monitor and adjust the amount of impact force during recovery to move without pain. Greater comfort and supported healing transitions to the increasing intensity of movement and training while reducing stress-related injuries.

Benefits of LightSpeed

  • Balance & Gait assessments and training
  • Unweight up to 35lbs from user and progressively transition them toward full loading
  • Decreases impact force while building endurance and stability
  • Encourage confidence with stability and control
  • Safe and effective for walking and running
  • Allows for sustained duration of activity
  • All ages and ability can use the system
  • Cost effective and easy to use

LightSpeed at LoHi PT

You can run right from the very beginning with good postural alignment and biomechanics through a full range of motion. By unweighting 20 to 30 pounds of body weight during walking or running, impact forces are reduced just enough to allow pain-free functional movement. This, in turn, decreases injuries, helps with your form and efficiency in walking and running, and allows you progressive endurance and stability towards your goal. If you have tender or arthritic joints, it will help you avoid overuse. It keeps you centered on the treadmill, which helps with balance problems. Most importantly, it will make running fun again. Physical therapist and LightSpeed inventor Malcolm Macaulay says that the best part of the machine is that it lets you enjoy the sport.

Physicians and physical therapists can feel confident about the system's safety, and this confidence is transferred to their patient’s ability and trust that they will attain optimal performance again. Top facilities use body weight support systems for their athletes to recover after injury with great clinical results. We may not be able to compete with the pros, but now we can train like them. After surgery or injury, we can provide our patients the ability to walk and run without pain.

Enjoy what you're doing with LightSpeed Lift