LightSpeed Records Epic Sales Year in 2019 with Big Plans for 2020

LightSpeed Lift, a patented Body Weight Support (BWS) device manufactured, in Duluth, MN, achieved record sales in 2019.  As awareness of the concept and effects of BWS exercise increases, prominent athletic and rehabilitation companies have taken notice and added LightSpeed Lift to their training programs.  Invented by Duluth physical therapist, Malcolm Macaulay, LightSpeed Lift is capable of lifting 20-40 pounds off a person walking or running on a treadmill. Relieving weight, as it turns out, makes a big difference in recovery and training.   

LightSpeed is meant for Every Body and in 2020 the company plans to partner with more colleges, rehabilitation organizations such as Courage Kenny, YMCA's, therapeutic clinics and individuals throughout the country.  

The LightSpeed Lift Movement Center in Duluth, MN offers a professional and convenient place to experience the LightSpeed Lift and offers individual and group training for anyone wanting to walk or run safely and efficiently.  Visit the Movement Center to experience the system and learn how BWS movement can improve health.  

The Movement Center is located at:

More information can be obtained by emailing Sales Director, Bud Trnka at:

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