Mission and Soul

“The mission of LightSpeed Lift is to design, produce, and distribute body weight support devices, helping people of all abilities achieve their greatest movement potential.” 

By Malcolm Macaulay

My soul is filled with joy when I watch the faces of clients and their support team light up with hope as they begin to experience mobility without fear.  It doesn’t always occur at the moment, but when it does, it’s magic.

LightSpeed received a call on a Wednesday morning in late April from Chris Riley in Colorado.  His 14-year-old son, Gus, had suffered a sudden brain aneurysm eight months ago that initially crippled him.  After being air-lifted to a top rehabilitation facility in Chicago, Gus had survived the initial emergency and had progressed to the point of a slow walk with a cane.  In March, he transferred to a facility in Denver to continue.  

Two weeks into therapy, Covid-19 lockdowns took effect.  

Then, a cold hit Gus, and he was bedridden for three weeks.  Those hard-fought progressions became battles. Gus’ physical gains were slipping.  He could barely stand.  Speech and cognition gains were lost, too. With the rehab center closed, Chris hired a physical therapist to come to his home, but progress was slow.  Dad was discouraged and in anguish.

Then he took action.

Chris sought out home BWS devices and found LightSpeed.  After describing Gus’s abilities, I was confident that a LightSpeed Lift could help him regain an upright stance and walking. There were two unique designs I would need to make this work:

  • The overhead harness needed a piece of elastic to make it more comfortable.
  • Narrower leg wraps were required to fit Gus’ thighs.  

Luckily, our superwoman sewer, Vivette, came to the immediate rescue! 

Because this was a special case, and Chris would be setting it up and using the system, I was compelled to deliver Chris’s order immediately and personally. Twenty-four hours after receiving the phone call, I left Duluth for Denver.  20 hours after leaving Duluth, LightSpeed Lift’s LSX-500 was set up in Gus’s room, and he was working on upright therapy with his physical therapist.  

This was the longest he has been standing for 4 weeks!  Was he tired?  He sure was, but as the session was ending, he flashed a LightSpeed Smile and a thumbs up.  Chris was encouraged and hopeful again. My soul was filled.  

Tomorrow I will return and work with the home team on set up and walking on a treadmill.  

I’m excited and honored to be part of this rehabilitation team.  Lightspeed Lift will help get Gus and his family smiling, playing, and living again.  

Who do you know that could be helped by a LightSpeed?