LightSpeed Lift to Add New Product Line

Illustration of the Lightspeed Lift Model LS300

LightSpeed Lift

LightSpeed Running and Rehabilitation LLC, A Duluth, MN-based design and manufacturing company, announces expansion of Product Line. 

The LightSpeed Lift system is a patented device consisting of a frame set around any existing treadmill.  The frame, manufactured in the Duluth Area, provides adjustable attachment bars to connect elastic cords uniquely designed to create a lifting force via a connection at the user’s hip joint.  

Malcolm Macaulay, the designer, and developer of the original LightSpeed Lift, has developed two new models for distribution to Professional Trainers, Fitness Centers, and Physical Therapy Clinics for more constant use, more stable active running, and safer use by individuals with significant balance issues such as patients with Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy. 

LS-300 Model

The LightSeed original is the first LightSpeed developed and sold in both the small private practice physical therapy clinic and private individuals.  The price of $2995.00 for the unit, including all belts and straps.  The sale also includes two pairs of specialty shorts.  It is made from square tubular steel of 1.5”x1.5” in dimension.

LSP-400 Model

Recently designed for the PT Clinic or gym environment with full-time trainers working with more stability than the original LightSpeed. It is made of 2”x3” tubular square steel and provides more functions for an active Clinic therapist or trainer facilitating tie-downs for resistance work with bands.  The PT Pro sells for $3995.00, including all attachments.  This design promises to increase activity in any clinic or gym, drawing new users and increasing revenue.

LSX-500 Model

An overhead assembly that allows for a safety harness to be attached to the patient and can be used with those who have serious balance issues but still can move carrying their own reduced weight.  The sales price of the Power Tower is $4995.00.  This design will attract new users to your clinic of a wider range of patients with varying degrees of disability.

LightSpeed Lift designs promise to revolutionize the physical training process improving the movement of both elite runners, and those challenged with physically debilitating conditions.  LightSpeed facilitates the movement in every body!