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“Thoughts of a Woman Who Loves to Run” by Jamie Ogura

These are the thoughts of a woman who loves to run.  I have been a runner for years participating in all kinds of races including 5K’s, 10K’s, ½ and full marathons.  Before the age of 60, it was mostly fun and easy. Somewhere along the line my body slowed down and for lack of a...
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2019 Grandma’s Marathon: Finding the Finish Line

The 2019 Grandma’s Marathon was a wonderful experience for competitors and spectators alike, showcasing one of the most unique and dramatic runs in the history of the event.  The favorite, Boniface (“Bones”) Kongin, had been nursing a sore and lumpy Achilles’ tendon since the 2019 Pittsburg Marathon. It was definitely possible that the injury could...
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LightSpeed Lift Gait Kinetics Analysis

Upon the observation of 15 healthy, young adults using a LightSpeed Lift body weight support system for a minimum of 5 hours, researchers determined that the device has statistically and clinically significant unweighting effects. Further, it was determined that this body weight support system can reduce the impact force to lower extremities, and thus serve as an effective system for gait improvement, rehabilitation and injury prevention purposes.

Jordan Hassey Partners with LightSpeed Lift

Lightspeed athlete Jordan Hassey
Twenty-four years ago, our team at LightSpeed realized that running with Body Weight Support (BWS) could help both healthy and injured runners. Since then, we have been searching for the chance to work with a truly top performer. If such a top talent would try LightSpeed Lift BWS as part of their regular training routine...
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LightSpeed Lift Goes to India

By Bud Trnka I will never forget my first day at LightSpeed Lift; June 1st, 2018. I started a dream job and received an email from around the world that expanded the vision of LightSpeed Lift beyond the company’s dreams. The call was from Mumbai, India. A new clinic was being planned with “Movement as...
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