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Coaches Win with LightSpeed Lift

The LightSpeed Lift allows us to keep running as part of the recovery process. When that young athlete is diagnosed by a doctor with a lower leg injury caused by overuse or simply due to growing pains depending on the severity we instruct that athlete to use our treadmill with the LightSpeed Lift. It's simple enough to use that the athlete can set things up using either the harness or shorts.
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You Can’t Unsee Something.

Malcolm Smiling Brightly
You can’t unsee something.  Once you have seen people’s motion restored and smiles on people’s faces you will never not want to see that again.  Recently I had the opportunity to set up LightSpeed Lift systems in three different locations. In all three cases, I knew the people using the system would get silly grins […]
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“Thoughts of a Woman Who Loves to Run” by Jamie Ogura

These are the thoughts of a woman who loves to run.  I have been a runner for years participating in all kinds of races including 5K’s, 10K’s, ½ and full marathons.  Before the age of 60, it was mostly fun and easy. Somewhere along the line my body slowed down and for lack of a […]
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