Jordan Hassey Partners with LightSpeed Lift

Twenty-four years ago, our team at LightSpeed realized that running with Body Weight Support (BWS) could help both healthy and injured runners. Since then, we have been searching for the chance to work with a truly top performer. If such a top talent would try LightSpeed Lift BWS as part of their regular training routine they would quickly see how LightSpeed helps to avoid injury and improve performance. They would love running with the LightSpeed and view it as a training bonus not a training burden. By top performer I mean a runner who combines a high VO2 max, great running endurance, a proven history of national and international performance with personal drive, a love of running and a great all-around personality. Not much to ask, is it?

Recently, our team was contacted by Jordan Hasay, holder of the fastest initial marathon time for an American female runner and the second fastest marathon time ever by a US woman, 2:20:54. She is sponsored by Nike and trains with Alberto Salazar with the Nike Oregon Project. Now that's top talent!

I learned that she was about to resume running after a 2-month rest necessitated by an overuse injury to her heel. This was the second time that heel had been injured, forcing her to withdraw from major races and take significant time off. She had run on a LightSpeed Lift owned by a friend and really liked the “natural feel of running” while she received a significant reduction in force to the heel, while other techniques such as pool running weren’t “bridging the gap” to get get her back on the road soon enough.

Jordan was cleared to resume running on November 7th. On November 10th, A LightSpeed Lift Professional model was shipped to her home and LightSpeed founder,  Malcolm, flew out to assemble the Lift and make sure Jordan was properly fitted and comfortable using the system.

What a delight it was to see her face light up with “The LightSpeed Smile” when she ran her first 10 minutes. It was her first real run in almost 2 months and any of you “addicted” runners know how good and how important that run must have felt. A bonus was hearing and watching as she encouraged her father to use the Lift. He is a “jogger,” who runs for fitness but not necessarily for pleasure. He also got a big smile on his face as he ran using the Lift, but Jordan’s smile was even brighter.

Just ten days into her LightSpeed training, Jordan ran 13 miles with no pain. Her transition to road running was seamless and her speed came back quickly. Over the following 3 weeks, Jordan progressed from running about 10 miles per week with the LightSpeed Lift up to 60 miles per week — 40 on LS and an easy 20 on the road. After 7 weeks, Jordan was running 100 miles per week with no pain (don’t try that kind of mileage increase without a LightSpeed Lift of your own). Such a quick recovery including transition back to land running with leg speed is unheard of without using a BWS system. With professional results coming from a top-performer like Jordan, we are confident that more runners will soon discover the LightSpeed Lift and how it will facilitate recovery and prevent injuries.

Jordan Hasay’s smile and her smooth recovery is evidence of what Dan Stein, the original Body Weight Support runner, predicted 24 years ago. “Running with an effective Body Weight Support System can and will help many people to experience the joy and health of running for many years”.

Stay tuned for more on Jordan’s progress. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for timely updates on her running recovery and her life. For more information on our Body Weight Systems, check out our website.

LightSpeed Lift Goes to India

By Bud Trnka

I will never forget my first day at Lightspeed Lift; June 1st, 2018. I started a dream job and received an email from around the world that expanded the vision of LightSpeed Lift beyond the company’s dreams. The call was from Mumbai, India. A new clinic was being planned with “Movement as Medicine” at the heart of its mission. People in India, similar to people in the US, are stressed and not moving enough to stay healthy. The director, Kirshna Bhat, was planning a clinic with innovative equipment to improve health and wellness. Was LightSpeed interested in becoming part of his vision?

Mr. Bhat is a Nutri-pharmaceutical entrepreneur who had spent nearly two and a half decades creating natural solutions to pain and common human ailments. He now wanted to open a clinic focused on preventative care and health maintenance to curb pain. “Movement is medicine and we need to get bodies moving in India,” he told me on a particular phone call. Over the coming months, I spent many hours composing emails and answering phone calls at odd times of morning and evening. New business was growing literally half a world away and I was playing a role in helping LightSpeed take off to the side of the world. Eventually an agreement was reached and Lightspeed Lift found itself being a partner in the development of a totally new wellness concept.


We were proud and excited to join the Grand Opening of the new health center, Lifeshots Healthcare Solutions in Mumbai. Team LightSpeed made its first international in-service visit in October of 2018 to Mumbai. Once at the Center, the true vision of Mr. Bhat became crystal clear. He had spent months researching products from across the globe to bring together in this unique wellness environment. Krishna had researched for months and artistically worked to balance many aspects of health and wellbeing. Our hearts swelled, we are delighted and thrilled to be a part of the results of his determined efforts to bring movement as medicine to the people of Mumbai!

Halfway around the world, things are vastly different, but somehow so very familiar. Movement is medicine for everyone around the world. Lightspeed Lift can change lives anywhere. People everywhere need to MOVE and when they can do so without pain, the smile that we see makes all the work worthwhile. To our great satisfaction yet no surprise, we saw a dozens of smiles in India! This is our mission, this is our passion, and this is what drives us forward; to bring pain free movement to those who want to move. We hope to witness more smiles around the world. And we are confident we can do so for you and your clients.



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