By Malcolm Macaulay

“The phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for”

Serendipity followed me to Portland, OR recently.   It started when I needed to schedule a trip to fix a minor problem with a system purchased by an individual. With care and grace, we were able to work together to solve the issue. Another happy customer! Now, by chance, this individual lives less than a half-mile from Nike World Headquarters.  After our appointment, she took me on an under-the-radar tour of the Nike grounds that included a trip around the Michael Johnson Track.  I had a huge smile on my face all the way around. How many greats have circled this track!

My next stop was to meet with David McHenry, DPT, at Therapeutic Associates North Portland Physical Therapy, PACE. My meeting with David McHenry was to discuss research projects quantifying the effect of LightSpeed Lift Body Weight Support.

Before I left for Portland, an Olympic hopeful, Anna Connor, contacted LightSpeed to order a set of Magic Shorts and Lift Straps.  It turned out she had an appointment with David McHenry right after I had an appointment to see David! Now I can't always promise to deliver LightSpeed by hand, but it's always a pleasure when I can! Anna, we're really excited for you to be using LightSpeed and wish you the best in your pursuits!

PACE is an epicenter to improve athletic performance. Their work with elite athletes is well known. In fact, David is instrumental in helping Jordan Hasay stay in the race. David was very familiar with Body Weight Support systems but felt that none of the systems met his client's needs, nor fit in his budget, nor could be reliable for his business.

In June of 2020, Mr. McHenry brought an LSX-500 into his gym. He, his staff, and his clients are all noticing the improvements to their training. There is new hope in treating injury and new possibilities for conditioning anyone for their next goal.

LightSpeed is honored to be the exclusive BWS system used at therapeutic Associates North Portland physical therapy (pace). 

David McHenry's (right) Portland Clinic featuring LightSpeed Lift's LSX-500

With his years of experience and with pioneering work using DIERS 4Dmotion®Lab ///high-performance motion capture analysis, Mr. McHenry is uniquely positioned to collect data we all will really want to know about. David is already expressing hope for his findings using LightSpeed Lift.

Be sure to follow us for updates!

“Why LightSpeed?” I asked David. He responded frankly, “because it allows for normal motion. Athletes like to run using it, it's reliable, it's easy to hook up, and it works.” People move better especially when they are recovering from injuries”.   

PACE uses LightSpeed because they KNOW it will perfectly fit the needs of their clients.

Proper form is more important than strength.

Serendipity was in the air again last week as a request for information came from another big name in athletic performance, Bryan McCall, a trainer at Michael Johnson Performance. He notes, “there are so many ways to load an athlete, what I need is something that makes movement easier”. With LightSpeed Lift, not only will you move easier, but you'll be more effective when the moments count. There is real momentum towards our Patented System with these client successes. I'm filled with joy and deep appreciation from each new story I can be a part of.

Lighten Up! You will love it. 

LightSpeed Lift creates positive changes, opening you to new possibilities. 

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