Train WITHOUT Pain!

LightSpeed Lift, Patented Technology

The body is in a state of constant flux. 

Break down, build-up, hold on, let go, replenish, strip away.  Athletes who perform repetitive motions (hello, runners) risk too much breakdown at specific stress points, especially when not allowing enough time for repairing the broken down stress points. 

LightSpeed Lift's work on most commercial treadmills. Custom options for tricky sizes!

Now there is a training tool that feeds the drive to move and stress while minimizing injuries caused by overtraining.  LightSpeed Lift controls the force- allowing you to train without pain. Running-related journals publish exercises to help control excessive force.  There are articles about which running form best minimizes impact stress.  Various shoes and braces, and tapes advocate control of landing forces.  And, of course, there is pre and post-run recovery nutritional advice. Food improves the body’s ability to recover from the tissue breakdown inevitably caused by running—further, Coaches craft training plans designed to help you walk the line. The line breaks down the musculoskeletal system- while allowing ample time for the body to build back better during rest phases. 

And yet, despite thousands of training plans, specific gluteal strength programs, more core, magic support shoes, and protein-packed recovery mixes, 60-70% of runners break down enough that they need to take time off training.  No training means all the “gains” made through those carefully planned and executed runs diminish within 2-4 weeks.

LightSpeed Lift does what the name implies

LightSpeed Lift provides up-Lift to decrease impact force, allowing you to run farther and faster with fewer injuries.  The patented “Lift from the Hip'' design offers a comfortable Lift and promotes natural running mechanics and feel.  LightSpeed reduces impact force by 15%. As a result, there is lower stress on the Achilles, knee, and hip, where most running injuries occur.

Less body weight leads to significant gains in the long run.

Runners crave the impact and effort of running.  The impact stress is what fuels the runners high through the piezoelectric effect.  This stress causes a breakdown that the body reacts to by building back better.  However, if the stress is too excessive or prolonged, the body's inflammation system will be stimulated to the point of shut down. Time out. Ouch!  Meaning if stress is the key to promoting greater strength and resilience, yet excessive stress causes breakdown, the key to optimal training is to control stress. 

I urge you to incorporate LightSpeeding into your running routine.  Take control of the stress your body absorbs.  LightSpeed supplies the right amount of Lift in the right place to prevent injuries and take your running performance and enjoyment to a higher level.