LightSpeed Lift for
Fitness Centers

When it comes to fitness centers, LightSpeed Lift’s patented lift from the hip technology can help.

  • Assure safe training for members and staff
  • Offer contemporary cardio experiences
  • Boost member retention
  • Extend treadmill life

Estimated return per unit: Increased member use of treadmills

This Lightspeed LIft is for you

Easy Variable Support

Adjustable attachment bars allow for customized support and control.

Body Weight Support

Support cords connected at hips reduce running impact force by up to 40 lbs.

Compression Shorts/Belt

Patented lift from the hip technology provides an anchor point for the tri-planar lift.

Universal Frame

Compatible with any treadmill.


Optimal for treating and training committed athletes, the LSP400 aids in speedy injury recovery and allows for unrivaled cardio, speed, and endurance training. This model is ideal for fitness centers, gyms with full-time trainers and professional athletes.

Clinical Study

LightSpeed Lift Gait Kinetics Analysis

Performed by the College of St. Scholastica Department of Physical Therapy

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Health & Business Benefits of LightSpeed

Benefits for clients and patients • Grow your clinic services or gym offering • Understand the LightSpeed ROI


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