You Can’t Unsee Something.

Malcolm Smiling Brightly

You can’t unsee something.  Once you have seen people's motion restored and smiles on people's faces you will never not want to see that again.  Recently I had the opportunity to set up LightSpeed Lift systems in three different locations. In all three cases, I knew the people using the system would get silly grins on their faces.  For 25 years I have witnessed people regain confidence and coordination while standing and walking upright with Body Weight Support while walking or running a treadmill. People who have lost mobility due to knee surgery, traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal disc injury, ankle sprains, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease or just disuse have all regained normal mobility more quickly as their bodies relaxed and trusted.  Since I began seeing that response I’ve known that many more people could regain and improve healthy mobility if the LightSpeed Lift was more widely available.

On the road again.

In New Jersey, I watched a man who has had both legs amputated below the knee outrun his treadmill speed.  Using special blades, he ran without the pressure pain he usually has between his prosthesis and his stump.  In White Plains, NY I watched top athletes for the Hoka NY/NJ track club plan their rehabilitation programs to better prepare for the upcoming US Olympic Trials.  In Reno Nevada, the smiles were on the faces of three athletes and their coaches as they ran comfortably with the worry of injury minimized. More remarkable in Reno was watching a woman in her 70’s who had a total hip replacement only threes prior walk with grace and ease.

Smiles can’t be unseen.  Normal free movement is healing health.  Humans are designed to walk and run upright with minimal effort.  LightSpeed Lift helps this movement by providing support at just the right place.  Shouldn’t your Center, Trainer, Coach or Therapist have a LightSpeed Lift system so that more people can be helped?